Music Artists turn $30 into $10,000 within 3 months licensing beats.

Music Artists turn $30 into $10,000 within 3 months licensing beats.

The Music Artist Hustle in 2021 to 2022

The time to do music for a living is now. If your letting this opportunity go then that sucks to be you. 

Selling music is equivalent to buying a house and renting it out every month making residual income. THE BIG DIFFERENCE IS….

Music is Digital, causing it easier to maintain while Real Estate is tangible. You fix it as it is being used to create income.

Step 1: Buy a Starter License

Its obvious, find a beat that matches your vibe and write your lyrics to that song. Then get the record recorded, mixed & mastered so we can get to work doubling your money.


Beat Costs: $30 – $50

Recording Costs: $100 – $200

Mixing & Mastering: $100 to $500

This Step should range you from $230 to $750.

Step 2: Submit record to DSP's

Now that your record is a finalized product, next step is to upload this beat to DSP’s early so then you can submit to their playlist. Getting submissions early at least 14 days before your release day should give more than enough time for the DSP’s to listen and analyze your music to see where it would fit best to find your target audience.

This I’m assuming is your first record so you NEED to find out what is your target Audience. Stay away from telling people, “my music sounds like “this” artist.” The mission is for you to be the new branded sound.

For a start see who you sound similar to with this step, then from there now that you know where you stand in the market. Set your standard to create a product that will get you to dominate that lane.

So now people are coming to that playlist to listen to you other than the artist it was meant for. Now your the artist it is meant for and other people are trying to sound like you.

That is how you win in the playlist algorithm. To win at this, you need to maintain a consistent wave to singles releasing every month, flooding your lane causing everyone listening to have no choice but to listen to you.

Step 3: Create A Press Release

This step I see a lot of artist just totally fail at because of preparation and there horrible knowledge of putting together a written Press Release.

Here, I’ll save you time from shooting your foot. Watch this video below by Burstimo.

Step 4: Submit to Radio Stations

Now that you have a Press Release, let’s put it to work by submitting to radio stations. This would be the perfect time to upgrade your license to enable more streams for your DSP’s and enable at least being able to land 1 radio station. 

People think radio stations are old school but they are the basic fundamental to see if your music is even worth playing in-front of a huge amount of people. On top of that your receive royalties for your music reaching on air.

Watch this video below from bustimo explaining how to get on national radio stations

Step 5: Create a consistent release system

In this video below, a mentor of my Damian Keyes is going to break down in an hour THE BEST WAY TO CREATE A SYSTEM WITH YOUR MUSIC THAT PROVIDES THE FOLLOWING:




 This is a legitimate system that makes sense. Realistic actions one can take to create easily $10,000 a month from releasing music every 21 days to build a audience that listens to your music. You get paid from DSP’s, Merchandise Branded with you on it, Royalties.

If you didn’t pick up anything after these 3 videos… Then I’m sorry, this game is not meant for you.

Hope this Article helped Out

These three video were the first steps to my career as a rapper myself. I spent over 10,000 studying and understanding how all the pieces of the puzzle work. Now that you know the secrets, Here’s 30 Off everything in my beat store. Pick up that Starter license and lets get your evergreen songs going.

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