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Icy Justin

🎹 Music Producer since 2009
🎙 Rapper & Singer since 1999

🏆 Produced For Mozzy, 6Tusk, Plus Money, Ally Bo, Rych Twyn & Myself

🏆 Featured in Thizzler for Track “Pray For Me – Plus Money Ft. Mozzy & Apollo Cuttz”


From being raised in Japan, I was introduced to Hip Hop from Eminem’s debut Album 8 Mile. All me and my brother would play on repeat was the song “Lose yourself”. 

As time flew by while living in a foreign country, I got introduced to Twista. From hearing his music it inspired me to learn how to rap fast and on beat.

When I got back into the USA around 2003, I took Rapping very seriously and learned about Tupac & Notorious BIG. I feel like I was completely late listening to them but from that it evolved my sound in Hip Hop. As Time flies even more 2010 I started to get into The Bay Area Hip Hop Scene.

From there I was introduced to the Northern California West Coast Sound. Then as I traveled south, I learned about the Trap sound. Got introduced to Migos, Don Toliver, Internet Money, Juice WRLD, and more. 

It wasn’t until 2011 I started to craft my own sound and I’ve been on it ever since. 

2015 I learned the business of music and also learned online as well as offline marketing. Now I decided to put my ecommerce skills to the test and start my own Music Instrumental Licensing Store. 

Haven’t looked back ever since, best decision I’ve made in my entire life.